The salary of a neuro ultrasound technician, also known as a neurosonographer or neurovascular ultrasound technologist, can vary based on factors such as experience, geographic location, employer, and qualifications. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the specific job titles and salary structures may vary between different healthcare facilities and regions.

However, according to available data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for diagnostic medical sonographers as of May 2020, the median annual wage for diagnostic medical sonographers, which includes neuro ultrasound technicians, was $76,220. The lowest 10% earned less than $52,770, while the highest 10% earned more than $105,340.

It’s important to keep in mind that these figures are general estimates and may not specifically represent the salary range for neuro ultrasound technicians. To obtain more accurate and up-to-date salary information, I recommend consulting job market resources, salary surveys, or reaching out to professional associations and local healthcare facilities that employ neuro ultrasound technicians in your area.

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