A few years ago, a new trend started to take over the internet: the Matt Smith eyebrow. Named after the actor who played the Eleventh Doctor on BBC’s Doctor Who, the Matt Smith eyebrow is a thin, straight brow significantly darker than the rest of the person’s hair. This trend has been controversial. Some people love it and think it looks beautiful and stylish. Others think it looks strange and unnatural. No matter what people think of the trend, there’s no denying that it’s taken over the internet.

The Mysterious Eyebrow: Matt Smith’s Distinctive FaceFeature

Matt Smith has some pretty great eyebrows. They’re thick, symmetrical, and always well-groomed. But what is it about his eyebrows that has made them so popular? They’re the perfect size and shape. Or it’s because they help him convey various emotions, from intensity to playfulness.

There’s no doubt that Matt Smith’s eyebrows have become an icon. Even people who don’t watch Doctor Who or know who he is often recognize him because of his eyebrows. And there are now quite a few articles and tutorials on how to get “the Matt Smith eyebrow look.”

Matt Smith With Eyebrows: The Early Years

For a long time, Matt Smith was known for his unruly eyebrows. They were often wild and untamed, and many assumed he couldn’t be bothered to groom them. However, in recent years, it has become clear that his wild eyebrows are a carefully cultivated style choice.

Smith’s eyebrows have become so iconic that they have spawned a trend, with many people now trying to emulate his look. It is easy to see why his eyebrows are so popular; they are thick and bushy and frame his face perfectly.

The Disappearing Act: Matt Smith No Eyebrows

-Aspiring actors, note that the new Matt Smith eyebrow trend is taking Hollywood by storm.

-Smith has become known for his striking eyebrows since appearing on Doctor Who.

– Everyone now wants to participate in the action.

-The trend started with a few brave souls attempting to recreate Smith’s look, but it has quickly caught on, with more and more people trying it out.

-And it’s not just men getting in on the action; women are also trying out the look.

-So, what is it about the Matt Smith eyebrow that is so appealing?

-For one, it’s a departure from the norm. Most men keep their eyebrows neatly trimmed, but Smith’s are wild and untamed.

-They also add an air of mystery and eccentricity to his look.

-And, of course, they’re just plain cool.

-If you’re thinking of trying out the Matt Smith eyebrow trend, you should keep a few things in mind.

-First, don’t go too crazy with the plucking. If you want to keep some hair there. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like you have a unibrow.

-Second, don’t be afraid to experiment. Smith’s eyebrows constantly change, so feel free to try out different shapes and thicknesses.

-And finally, have fun with it. The Matt Smith eyebrow is all about having fun and being daring. So venture outside and give it a shot!

Does Matt Smith Have Eyebrows? The Internet’s Burning Question

The internet is ablaze with a new trend: Matt Smith’s eyebrows. The question on everyone’s mind is: Does Matt Smith have eyebrows? The answer is mostly yes. According to a recent report in the Daily Mail, Smith’s eyebrows are “very real and very thick.” But that hasn’t stopped the internet from speculating. A quick scroll through Twitter or Instagram shows that many people believe Smith’s eyebrows are fake, and some even think they might be drawn on.

Transformation Matt Smith Eyebrows: A Timeline

Matt Smith’s eyebrows have been through a lot in the last few years. First, there was the incident in 2016 when he was photographed with what appeared to be skinny, over-plucked eyebrows. The internet was not kind, with many people speculating that he had been victim to a bad wax job. Thankfully, Matt’s eyebrows have since made a full recovery. They’ve become a trend, with people worldwide trying to recreate his now-signature thick, bushy brows.

Matt Smith’s Eyebrows: Theories and Speculations on What Took Place

It’s been nearly a year since Matt Smith’s final episode of Doctor Who aired, and fans are still sporting the now-former Time Lord’s signature eyebrow trend. Fans first noticed Smith’s eyebrows during his debut episode in 2010, and they quickly became one of his defining features. So what happened to them?

Many theories and speculation surround the mystery of Matt Smith’s eyebrows. Some believe the actor may have been using eyebrow extensions, while others think he may have had some permanent eyebrow tattoo. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that the disappearance of Smith’s eyebrows has left a void in the Doctor Who fandom.

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